Sunday, April 26, 2009


I finished the Romney wool I bought. I loved the colors in this one. It seems the more colors involved, the better I like it . The way they blend together when they are plyed is always so neat to watch. Then I started spinning the BFL. I had to take a few days off last week as it was finally nice outside and it was hard for me to spend evenings indoors.

Then I have to make sure I have enough roving for future spinning projects. I got merino/tencel and BFL (which is fast becoming my favorite wool to spin) from FatCatKnits on Etsy. She always has wonderful colors and a good variety of different types of wool.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back to spinning

After finishing my first sock, I immediately started working on the second sock. I am about half way done with that but I started spinning again for a change of pace.

I was asked by a friend if I could match some yarn she bought at a closeout sale and I was skeptical but I told her I would try. I already had the colors so that was no problem. I spun the singles and started plying and I was amazed at how close it was. I procrastinated because I thought I couldn't do it and it turned out very well.