Sunday, March 22, 2009

I knitted a sock

Finally I knitted a whole sock! About the second thing I tried to knit was a sock but I didn't have much success. I decided maybe I should knit some simpler things first. I knitted scarves and lots of dishcloths. Then a sock class was offered at the local yarn store CE Designs. I started over about six times, it was very frustrating but Cheri is a great teacher and I kept trying. I had a lot of trouble with the heel and she helped me so I could keep on. Our last class was today and I started knitting the toe today and finished tonight. My next challenge, the second sock!


Yan said...

NICE!!! I'm so proud, since I taught you to cast on.

Beth said...

That is a very nice sock. Have fun making the mate!

Derek Olson said...

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