Saturday, March 14, 2009

Spinning and Learning to Knit Socks

I'm taking a class at the local yarn shop and my first sock is in the making. I had a difficult time getting started and I couldn't tell wrong side from right side but all these things you learn as you go so my first sock will look rather funny but I'm making a sock.

When I started spinning I bought the book Spin to Knit and in that book are a pair of socks I fell in love with. One of my goals once I learned to spin was learning to knit socks which has proven to be a long process since I didn't know how to knit to begin with. The first thing I learned to knit was a dishcloth and I've made many since but I sent one to my cousin and she requested coasters so I finished these sent them to her today.

I finished spinning the yarn in trade for my slippers and I love how it turned out. It still reminds me of a forrest.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you have started your socks, I really like the color!

Make sure you put your finished project on your blog so we can see it done.


Carrie Burns said...

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